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Christoph Koch – New CEO of Polytronic International AG
With effect from 1st January 2013 Polytronic International AG came under the ownership of Christoph Koch
who, for the past 10 years, has been Marketing Director and head of the Sales division. He retains these
responsibilities as well as taking over his new position as CEO of the company.
After fifteen years of owning the company Henry Schweizer will remain a member of the Board of Directors.


Some 50 people are employed at the Muri headquarters which includes departments for development, marketing, project planning, customer service, fabrication, purchasing, logistics and administration.

By introducing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System with initial certification in November 1995 and the ISO 14001 Environmental Mangament System with initial certifcation in October 2014, the company aims to maintain, and even increase, the quality its customers have come to expect under consideration of all our relevant environmental aspects.

The company facilities in Muri include the administration building, workshops, warehouse and three shooting ranges for test purposes.



comes with time and practise of which POLYTRONIC has had plenty. Our first electronic hit scoring system was born in a garage in the suburbs of Zurich in 1966 when the company‘s founder, a physicist, set out to reduce the time spent checking the 300m targets after each shooter had completed his series.

In 1978, after a number of years in use by sports shooters in several European countries, our 300m system was used for the first time in international competition at the Shooting World Cup in Seoul, Korea. This success created a demand from military and police forces for similar equipment with ever greater capabilities. Working closely with the world‘s training and strategy experts we developed a series of electronic systems especially for their unique training requirements. At the same time we learnt to design ranges with maximum versatility and the highest possible safety factors.


Alongside developments for sport shooters more robust mechanisms were designed and built for the world's security forces. The military required longer distances for sniper training, their tank divisions needed moving targets; the police wanted friend/foe targets for discrimination and reaction training; so we continued to develop mechanisms and control systems with ever greater capabilities.

Interactive training is now a “must have” for all modern security forces; again Polytronic systems provide the solution. We offer realistic, flexible and economic solutions tailored to each user’s specific requirements; modular design means easier maintenance and reduced spare parts inventory.

The acquisition of the ADI Intellectual Property in 2002 added several new factors to our range including the addition of solar energy; where practical, this makes our equipment extremely environmentally friendly.

POLYTRONIC’S Location Of Miss And Hit (LOMAH) system has proved to be the most consistently accurate tool of its kind. Originally limited to 90° shooting, we have added an entirely new version for angle shooting, designed for use with both infantry and armour targets on movers.


Switzerland has traditionally been known for high-quality goods – who has not heard of Swiss watches and precision tools – not to mention cheese and chocolate? We are proud to maintain this tradition by incorporating the latest technology in our mechanisms and electronics whilst, at the same time, complying with military and international standards. Thus our systems can be maintained in perfect working condition over many years of constant operation.

Tried and tested in every Continent we are proud to say that our mechanisms operate in sub-zero temperatures just as well as in dry desert environments and in humid tropical climates.

If your Force is not already a member of the Polytronic family – join today and have the benefit of the best training systems on the world market.

Your aim is our target.