Our customer

Our customers are the central point of our actions. They expect highest quality and the maximum achievable technological performance. This requires that we recognise the fulfilment of the customer expectations as a challenge.


Our personnel

Our personnel deserve our trust, esteem, and the respect for their personality. We are convinced that our staff will always try to delivery their best possible work provided they get the needed support within the company.

Flexibility, innovation and action will be asked from us all. The support given on personal ideas, but also the achievement of personal objectives should enhance our company performance in a way correlating by our customers and by our society.


Our suppliers

Our suppliers will be chosen carefully and constantly evaluated. A high quality supplier performance is a critical factor for the success of our company.

Our Partner can expect frankness and honesty as a working basis for a trusty and loyal collaboration.


Our corporate objectives

We can reach our corporate objectives only together. To be able to fulfil the expectations of our customers, owners, and our surrounding an efficient collaboration within and between all of our divisions will be necessary. All rights and duties have to be shared equally.


Our integrated management system

It includes all relevant aspects of a high quality and a good environment management system. A responsible behaviour towards our environment cannot be separated from the quality of a business and their products. It goes without saying that all company activities have to take into consideration our environment. Only constant improvements, including also the actions of our staff will enable us to reach this aim.


Environment guidelines

  • We commit to meet and respect all current environmental laws.

  • We inform the interested public, as well as our customers, about the environmental consequences of our activities.

  • Through the use of innovative technique we try to reduce or even avoid environmental pollution where economically justifiable.

  • Environmental consciousness of our personnel will be raised through adequate instructions.


Our intention to continuing improvement

We pledge to continue the improvement of all processes and the effectiveness of our management systems.

Through continous improvements the achievement potential in all our divisions and the customer satisfaction shall be increased.