Annual holidays/Betriebsferien/vacances annuelles

Due to our annual company holidays our offices are closed from July 23rd to August 3rd 2018.

Unsere Büros sind während den Betriebsferien vom 23. Juli bis 3. August 2018 nicht besetzt.

Nos bureaux sont fermés pendant les vacances annuelles du 23 juillet au 3 août 2018.

New: Box Target

Box TargetBox2

The Box Target is a high precision target unit. It is typically used for marksmanship training. The Box Target can also be fitted with a rotary module and mounted on a mover to generate challenging sniper scenarios with friend / foe target pictures. Furthermore the Box Target can also be used as a screen onto which movies or images can be projected to create a high precision live fire shooting cinema.

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New: Suppression Fire Detector

Suppression Fire Detector
This system is able to detect shots fired over and around a target base. It can be used to simulate suppression fire and allows a realistic interaction between the shooter and the target.

The rugged construction makes it possible to use the system in any kind of environment.

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