Military Control Systems/ Simulation

The data sheets listed below provide detailed descriptions and technical specifications of our products.


  • RCS - Range Control System
  • Target Controller
  • TG 82 HHC - Hand Held Controller
  • REACT - Realistic Engagement
    and Combat Training System

RCS - Range Control System

Range Control System - RCS

The RCS Range Control System is designed to control all aspects of the functionality of the range equipment.


RCS English

Target Controller


To provide a light-weight, easy-to-carry solution the system comprises two parts: battery/radio pack and keyboard. Both are fitted with canvas pouches for attachment to belt or shoulder webbing.


Target Controller English

TG 82 HHC - Hand Held Controller

Hand Held Controller - TG 82 HHC

The TG 82 HHC is a programmable radio unit with an operating capacity of up to 999 target mechanisms.


TG 82 HHC English

REACT - Realistic Engagement-and Combat Training System

Realistic Engagement and Combat Training System - REACT

REACT is a laser based system which simulates the effects of small arms live fire two-sided field exercises.


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